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Call For Papers

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Leveraging e-skills for innovation in the knowledge society
  • Managing and Leveraging Complexity, Creativity and Innovation in SMEs
  • Trust, Respect, Culture and Collaboration Issues for SMEs in SEE vs. other regions (EU and other)
  • Leadership and Management practices that can be applied to SMEs
  • SME Knowledge management and technology transfer
  • SME Business process modeling
  • New Technology Ventures Financing
  • Business incubation management and leadership
  • Human Resources Practices for promoting innovation for SMEs
  • SMEs’ Entrepreneurship as an Innovation Driver
  • Governmental and regional policies on entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Entrepreneurial Universities and Entrepreneurial Innovation Clusters
  • Entrepreneurship education
  • University – Industry collaboration
  • ICT and SME Regional competitiveness
  • SMEs and the role of the Innovation Zone (business centers and incubators)
  • Intangibles Valuation and Intellectual Property Rights
  • Innovative Supply Chain Management practices in SEE
  • Innovative Supply Chains
  • Information Technology proliferation in SEE SMEs
  • Opportunities and barriers for closer cooperation between South East European SMEs in Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Strategic Integration vs. Flexibility and SME Competitiveness
  • Innovation Clusters, Technology Transfer and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Social Networking as Driver of EICs formation
  • Science & Technology Parks and EICs
  • Young and Women Entrepreneurs development via EICs
  • Benchmarking of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Best Practices in the region
  • Innovation policy in SMEs
  • The role of the State and Public Policy with regards to SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation in enterprise education including methods and business succession
  • From innovation to businesses: commercializing processes with students and/or spin offs
  • Models of business incubation, business successions and transfers, promotion and implementation, projects
  • Campus entrepreneurship
  • Creativity in entrepreneurship and in enterprise education
  • Entrepreneurship models such as growth entrepreneurship, portfolio
  • Measuring impacts and effects
  • Research into entrepreneurship intentions, motivation, attitudes, identity

Singapore Attractions

Global Science and Technology Forum - GSTF reserves the right at its sole discretion to postpone or change the venue,
date and/or time of the conference without prior notice before early bird registration deadline.